We’re a college lifestyle blogging, publishing and marketing solutions company. Through integrated web, newsletter, social and event forums, Team Vyral dialogs with college students like no other media outlet. That’s because we’re not just trying to reach the students, we are the students. All three blogs employ student writers who give their own, unique (and often times witty) perspective on current issues.

The news leaders in college and sports culture, COED.com, CollegeCandy.com, and BustedCoverage.com cover everything from the latest pop-culture to the hottest celebrities to relationships to sports scandals.

We blend user-generated content with a traditional print magazine layout by utilizing the latest technologies to create an interactive advertising medium that:

  • Provides students with a platform for national exposure
  • Emphasizes real world experience and education
  • Fosters interaction and visibility among students on campuses across the country
  • Reaches the 18-24 year-old college market by utilizing the latest in social media and viral marketing.

In short, Team Vyral is an integrated marketing opportunity like no other.